This guide is written for players of the 3D Platformer, Moon Boing! 

The most important technique to learn is how to use momentum to make really long jumps. You won’t need this information much initially, but it becomes crucial in the later stages and throughout the game when you’re trying to get all the golden balls to triple star every level.

Take for example this platform with the glowing ball atop it in Stage 5.


Crikey, that’s far! Try going to the closest platform to it that you can reach, edge towards that platform’s front, then boost forwards. You’ll just not quite get to it.


Now, instead of going to the front of the reachable platform, go to the back of it.


Now boost forwards and try to catch the front of the platform on your next bounce, and keep going forwards at full speed.


Because you were already surging forwards when you took that leap over to the distant platform, the added momentum means you go further, you can catch the edge of the platform and mantle up!


Notice the faint white rings that emanate out of your astronaut. That means you hit maximum velocity, allowing your jumps to go the furthest distance. Peachy! Just be careful at those high speeds, you cannot break, only coast to a stop. So be watch out not to overshoot platforms or crash into nasty stuff…


Moving blocks (the grey ones) always head along a predictable path. So it’s well worth hanging around and seeing where they’re going before taking them on. Mastering the moving blocks is usually key to triple starring levels they appear on!


The final tip is: hesitate and lose! Remember that when you stop boosting you quickly lose all that valuable momentum, so if you act too cautiously you may miss the really sweet, distant jumps that get you all the golden orbs or just keep you alive! So go ahead and boost like a madman whenever you can, you’ll be surprised at the ludicrous distances you can jump, and how many platforms you can bypass to save your precious bounce tally in order to complete each level under par.

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