This guide is intended for any Cyber Knight traveling across the dangerous NBZ in 2217. Cyber Knights RPG is available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store to play for free.

Taxi drivers can be a critical factor in a Cyber Knight’s routine.  There are jobs to work all over the NBZ, and some of them are deep in enemy territory, or far from the Connector who gave them to you. Taxi drivers can let you cover distance safely (without bothering with street-level Encounters), cheaply (the maximum fare, even with a full team, is 100 credits) and relatively quickly (due to all the security restrictions and checkpoints that a taxi must pass, it takes time to cross the city). On the time issue, it can often be faster to walk a short distance than to take a taxi.  If your destination is two or less regions away, I’d suggest walking.

Each taxi driver has their own characteristics.  Are they willing to pickup the Knight in high Heat zones, where the Knight is known to be trouble?  How often can they provide a ride?

Because you can’t daisy-chain rides from the same taxi driver, it is important to find as many as you can.  This guide gives some quick advice on how to find taxi drivers.

You Start with Benni

Benni is your starting taxi driver unless you are playing a Made Not Born character.  He’s already in your contact list, give him a call.

Visit McFly’s Pharmacy

This terrible quality You Tube video contains the tip on how to get a second taxi driver very quickly.  I use this tip in every new game.

Get King from Cava Saint, The Fennian

Another guaranteed way to get a taxi driver is to work for the Fennian Connector, Cava Saint.  King is a highly Heat tolerant taxi driver and one of the better ones.  You can find Cava Saint in the Fennian Backrooms. Working your way up his ladder can take a while, but among the other rewards, you will get the V-Chip for King.

Random V-Chip Drops

One benefit of walking around the NBZ is that you will face Encounters. Encounters give you an opportunity to gain Experience, Runners, and new Contacts through V-Chips.  They can also get you killed!  However, keep an eye out because the key to getting the other Taxi drivers available is to get V-Chips through random encounters.  A slightly more aggressive stance in Encounters is the best way to achieve this — confronting followers, assisting citizens, and walking into patrol checkpoints.  Again, this can also get you killed, so be careful to do it in areas where you can face the opposition if things turn south.


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