Voyage to Farland RPG: A Guide to Not Dying

Voyage to Farland is a “console” roguelike game in the lineage of Japanese Mystery Dungeon video games. This means it takes the replayability of the classic ASCII game, Rogue, but adds animated graphics, a soundtrack, and a set of controls pared down to be easily remembered. It’s also a very hard video game, [...]

February 8th, 2014|Fantasy, Indie Games, RPG, Videos|

Cyber Knights RPG: Taxi Driver Tips

This guide is intended for any Cyber Knight traveling across the dangerous NBZ in 2217. Cyber Knights RPG is available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store to play for free. Taxi drivers can be a critical factor in a Cyber Knight's routine.  There are jobs to work all over the NBZ, and some [...]

January 11th, 2014|Cyberpunk, RPG, Videos|