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Tales of Illyria: Character Creation Guide

General Tips & Tricks Being good or neutral is easier than being evil. Bless and Curse make you a mad man on the battlefield, but throwing in Haste will pretty much ensure your victory. If you lose a battle and you retry the battle, it gets easier.  Eventually you will win, no matter [...]

April 19th, 2015|Fantasy, Indie Games, RPG, Strategy, Tactical|

Heroes of Steel RPG: Tutorial & Guide

As the war of the Gods continued to ravage the surface, mankind sought shelter in the Underdeep.  This is their story. I am but one of thousands currently playing Heroes of  Steel. The Forum is  packed with useful information about this game. Having read every post ever written on  the Heroes of Steel. [...]

March 1st, 2014|Fantasy, Indie Games, RPG, Tactical|

Moon Boing: Tips Guide

This guide is written for players of the 3D Platformer, Moon Boing!  The most important technique to learn is how to use momentum to make really long jumps. You won’t need this information much initially, but it becomes crucial in the later stages and throughout the game when you’re trying to get all the golden [...]

February 24th, 2014|Indie Games|

Voyage to Farland RPG: A Guide to Not Dying

Voyage to Farland is a “console” roguelike game in the lineage of Japanese Mystery Dungeon video games. This means it takes the replayability of the classic ASCII game, Rogue, but adds animated graphics, a soundtrack, and a set of controls pared down to be easily remembered. It’s also a very hard video game, [...]

February 8th, 2014|Fantasy, Indie Games, RPG, Videos|