General Tips

Kingturn RPG is a rather challenging strategy title even for veteran gamers, so here are a few general tips to make your life easier.

  • In most scenarios enemies will keep spawning from their outposts and will overrun you, unless you prevent them from doing so. So your first goal is to conquer 1 or 2 enemy outposts as soon as possible in order to even the odds.
  • Most of the time you will find yourself being better off with a more aggressive play style rather than just trying to defend your current position. This does not necessarily mean a brute force tactic, though – consider the following strategies.

Divide and Conquer Strategy

Splitting up enemy forces is one of the most fundamental strategies in Kingturn. Fast units like wolf riders are perfectly suited for luring away enemy troops from your main forces, for example, so you can conquer enemy outposts while facing less opposition.

Note that enemies in Kingturn are not dumb, though. Kingturn’s AI is an aggro based system where the most dangerous units are hunted down first. Doing a lot of damage or coming close to enemy outposts will certainly draw the enemy’s attention, and easy prey (e.g. an almost dead unit) is dispatched quickly.  Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Sneak and Conquer Strategy

One or two assassins sneaking up on an unguarded outpost is a strategy that never gets old.
While this is sometimes not as easy as it might seem, this can be very effective depending on the current position of your opponents (see Divide and Conquer).


In some scenarios your starting position can be extremely unfortunate, for example if you are completely surrounded by enemy troops. In such a case you might be better off with just giving up on your starting outpost for the time being. While you have to reconquer this outpost in the end, defeating the enemy might be much easier from a more advantageous position.

Exhaust the Enemy Forces

Kingturn supports a spawn probability concept that works in the following way:

  • For each enemy you defeat, the chance of spawning new enemies decreases.
  • At the end of each turn the spawn chance is slightly increased again, though.

In other words, the spawn concept in Kingturn simulates wounded enemy troops and their recovery over time. Here is how you can make use of this knowledge:

  • If you carefully prepare an assault and manage to defeat several units in one or two turns, the enemy is temporarily weakened (less respawns) which makes it easier to conquer outposts.
  • This strategy is only feasible for later scenarios, though, where you have the means (good weapons and Area of Effect skills) to defeat enemy units more quickly.

Pro Tips

  • The skill ‘Bewitch’ can be used very effectively against enemies guarding their own barracks (standing on top of them). Since a bewitched unit cannot do anything during the current turn, it will block the outpost entrance and thus prevent other enemies from spawning from this outpost.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of tacitcal skills like ‘Change Position’. This skill in particular enables a mage to swap places with another unit (friend or foe), and there are plenty of situations where this might come in handy:
    • Moving enemy units away from your own outpost
    • Moving own units closer to an enemy outpost
    • Moving your mage out of a heated up battle zone
    • Rescuing a unit surrounded by enemies (which most likely means sacrificing your mage, though).


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About the Author

I am the founder of Mangobile, as well as the lead designer and programmer of Kingturn RPG (in public forums I usually use the pseudonym ‘niebau’). I am an old-fashioned IT engineer from Germany who mainly teams up with contract artists (graphics, sound) to build Mangobile’s games.