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Tales of Illyria: Character Creation Guide

General Tips & Tricks

  • Being good or neutral is easier than being evil.

  • Bless and Curse make you a mad man on the battlefield, but throwing in Haste will pretty much ensure your victory.

  • If you lose a battle and you retry the battle, it gets easier.  Eventually you will win, no matter how injured you are, though it may take 3-4(or more) attempts.  You lose XP for doing this, but it ensures that you can’t totally die.

  • After your first winter, you have a lot of in game time before you come to another Winter.  Feel free to sell off all your furs, and any you find for the next several months.  Come mid fall you may want to start gathering some up again.  This will help line your pocket during the off season.

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Heroes of Steel RPG: Tutorial & Guide

As the war of the Gods continued to ravage the surface, mankind sought shelter in the Underdeep.  This is their story.

I am but one of thousands currently playing Heroes of  Steel.

The Forum is  packed with useful information about this game. Having read every post ever written on  the Heroes of Steel.

I thought putting a few thoughts down may be of use to new players. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve this little guide.  Feel free to drop a line to @johnrobinson on the forum.



 The Basics

Heroes of Steel is a story-driven turn-based tactical RPG.  You start the game with a party of 4 characters.

Vraes     The Outlander  (Fighter class)

Kharjtan The Wizard      (Wizard class)

Kyera     The Cleric        (Healer and magic class)

Tamilin   The Thief          (Thief or  rogue class)

About […]

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Moon Boing: Tips Guide

This guide is written for players of the 3D Platformer, Moon Boing! 

The most important technique to learn is how to use momentum to make really long jumps. You won’t need this information much initially, but it becomes crucial in the later stages and throughout the game when you’re trying to get all the golden balls to triple star every level.

Take for example this platform with the glowing ball atop it in Stage 5.


Crikey, that’s far! Try going to the closest platform to it that you can reach, edge towards that platform’s front, then boost forwards. You’ll just not quite get to it.


Now, instead of going to the front of the reachable platform, go to the back of it.


Now boost forwards and […]

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Voyage to Farland RPG: A Guide to Not Dying

Voyage to Farland is a “console” roguelike game in the lineage of Japanese Mystery Dungeon video games. This means it takes the replayability of the classic ASCII game, Rogue, but adds animated graphics, a soundtrack, and a set of controls pared down to be easily remembered.

It’s also a very hard video game, and that’s where this guide comes in. If you play Voyage to Farland like you’d play a beat-em-up or hack-n-slash game, you will fail often and ignominiously. However, if you read through this guide, you’ll gradually become more skillful at the game and eventually clear all the dungeons and collect all of the achievements.

Rather than serve as an exhaustive guide or walkthrough, this “guide to not dying” is meant to give you a leg up – enough inside information about the game’s mechanics that may otherwise take weeks of failed attempts to learn. After […]

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Kingturn RPG: Strategy Tips

General Tips

Kingturn RPG is a rather challenging strategy title even for veteran gamers, so here are a few general tips to make your life easier.

  • In most scenarios enemies will keep spawning from their outposts and will overrun you, unless you prevent them from doing so. So your first goal is to conquer 1 or 2 enemy outposts as soon as possible in order to even the odds.
  • Most of the time you will find yourself being better off with a more aggressive play style rather than just trying to defend your current position. This does not necessarily mean a brute force tactic, though – consider the following strategies.

Divide and Conquer Strategy

Splitting up enemy forces is one of the most fundamental strategies in Kingturn. Fast units like wolf riders are perfectly suited for luring away enemy troops from your main forces, for example, so you can conquer enemy outposts while facing less opposition.

Note […]

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